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Oba Investment Group is founded by Turkey's young entrepreneurs BAGCI Omer, in 1998 to develop energy producing projects mainly from renewable energy sources. Main objective of the group is to develop energy projects, make necessary investment for realization of the projects and make the construction and operation afterwards.

The Headquarter of Oba Investment Group is located in Ankara / TURKEY and all the activities of the Group are mainly planned and managed from the Headquarter. All engineering, technical and logistic support to the field offices, branch offices and the offices located abroad are being given by the experts located in the Headquarter.

At present, there are 6 active companies within the group. Each company in the group is dealing with different fields of electrical energy projects including project development from domestic resources, financing, construction, production, operation and trading. All of the companies in the group are founded 100% with his own capital.

Bağcı HEPP was developed and constructed while Ömer Bağcı was in the management of Bağcı Fish Company. The HEPP is in operation since 1998.

30 projects have been developed with 918 MW installed capacity and 3.662 GWh annual electrical energy production capacity since 1998 under the management of Ömer Bagci.

Cizre HEPP with total installed capacity 240 MW, and 1208 GWh annual energy production capacity is the biggest project developed by the group.

Summary of the projects developed is given hereunder.

Type of the Project No. of Projects Installed Capacity (MW) Annual energy production (GWh) Investment Cost (USD)
HYDRO 29 835,691 3.366,00 1.228.300.000
WIND 1 82,50 296,28 206.250.000
TOTAL 30 918,191 3.662,28 1.434.550.000


Some of the projects given in the list above with total 148 MW installed capacity and 765 GWh annual production capacity are completed and in operation at present.

Environmental impacts and ecological effects of the projects are also studied during feasibility study stage in addition to the technical aspects and financial aspects of the projects.

Oba Investment Group is shareholder of the projects given hereunder.

Trade Name Project Name Installed Capacity (MW) Annual Energy Production (GWh) Project Cost (USD)
Baten Enerji Üretim A.Ş. Tuzköy HEPP 8,6 71 30.500.000
Netsu Enerji Üretim A.Ş. Tirkemiş HEPP 7,9 23,3 8.370.000
Netsu Enerji Üretim A.Ş. Silifke II HEPP 18,5 114,3 40.900.000
Atasu Enerji Üretim A.Ş. Dilektaşı HEPP 130 316,93 153.500.000
Total   165 525,53 233.270.000


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